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Monday, 16 July 2012

Why You Should Read a Future Technology Blog Now


Yes, you’d find a future technology blog or blogs featuring topics of the future over the web even today. These places online introduces you to possibilities you can expect in the near future. You’ll read about science concepts or technological advancements which are currently being developed or studied. You will have a glimpse of the future now through a future technology blog.

Skeptics may say that a technology of the future blog isn’t as important as news or updates of the present. This is both true and not. While we should not set aside the need to be always updated with what’s happening around us at present, we must also have an idea about what’s in stored ahead. It’s like preparing for what’s coming up of the future in the same manner as we would plan day to day activities in a scheduler or journal.

There is no truth in the thought that anything of the future is not our concern today. Although there is a possibility that some future technology may be something we won’t live to see, a lot of them are definitely soon to be released before we even realize it. It was only more than two decades ago when the first fully functional mobile phone was released. No one would have expected that these phones will become what they are today. We’ve seen how portable cellular phones become smaller, slimmer, and smarter with the rise of touch screen technology, mobile Internet, and apps.

The same applies to computers. No one would have predicted that those bulky computers will evolve into laptops, notebooks, and tablet PCs. Only a futurism blog or site would bother to discuss or feature ideas that do not yet exist today but may possibly become an everyday gadget soon enough. Thus, reading a future technology blog will let you know what to expect of the future.

Anything of the future blog is also everyone’s concern. It’s not only the responsibility of scientists or geeks. Even regular people who would like to make a contribution to mankind in the field of science and technology should be involved with ideas of the future.

Everyone is familiar with bar codes. But this type of technology had been expanded with more improved functionalities and features. We now see QR codes, Microsoft Tags, and NFC technology everywhere. QR codes and Microsoft Tags can be easily spotted due to a bar code like logo in black and white or colorful designs. These function through scanner apps which can be downloaded through your mobile device. Simply scan the tags or codes and you will redirected to the website to get more information about the product or service being promoted by codes or tags.

The reason why this had been mentioned is due to the progress of NFC related technology. The NFC forum which consists of leading companies in mobile phones and communication had encouraged the participation of small businesses and even private individuals towards the development of this technology. In the same manner, a future technology blog will be able to disseminate the information about upcoming technologies of the future to the public and possibly persuade them to participate directly and indirectly.